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Dialysis ServicesAtlantis Healthcare Group Inc. has developed international dialysis facilities under our "Island Dialysis" name in Jamaica, St. Lucia, Barbados  and  Puerto Rico to open these legendary tropical vacation destinations for your full enjoyment. One that allows you once more to enjoy a worry free vacation that seemed no longer possible since you started on dialysis.

If you want to retire to the Caribbean , please let us know and we can help arrange your dialysis on a long term basis.

Our centres in Montego Bay Jamaica, Castries in St. Lucia, St. Michael in Barbados and Manati, Fajardo, Mayagüez, Aguadilla and Ponce Puerto Rico blend the charms of these countries with a standard of care second to none.

Our Dialysis Service

  • We provide hemodialysis using state of the art technology and infection prevention protocols in an ambience tailored to your relaxation and enjoyment.

  • Each patient enjoys individual TV entertainment during dialysis.

  • We customize your treatment time to your individual need.

  • We coordinate your dialysis with your home program to ensure smooth continuity.

  • We help arrange your transportation to and from the dialysis unit.

Worry about your treatment is not an option. You are here for a vacation. Leave your care to us.

Our Facilities

Patient on dialysis in Jamaica

Standard of Care

  • We provide all variations of hemodialysis, conventional and high efficiency.

  • We use bicarbonate dialysate exclusively.

  • Our facilities are run by registered nurses most of whom have 10 to 20 years experience.

  • Our infection control protocols meet or surpass published standards (CDC, AAMI).

  • We do not reuse dialysers, tubings or needles.

Our commitment is that your standard of care will be second to none.

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