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Returning Caribbeans For Caribbeans who are now living abroad, and who require dialysis, Island Dialysis is the perfect solution for your care when you travel home to visit families and friends or take in those special festivals. Island Dialysis will help you make your visit memorable and will organize a schedule to fit your plans.

Are you retired and living abroad but want to spend more time at "home"? You can now count on care as good or better than the current care in your adopted country when you return to Jamaica, Barbados, St. Lucia, or Puerto Rico. Please let us know how we can help arrange your dialysis on a long-term basis.

Please remember that many of the times that you may wish to visit coincide with the high travel demand period. It is important that you make arrangements as early as you can. This will eliminate any frustration or disappointment later.

More than anyone, this is truly your place in the sun.

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