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Island Dialysis is uniquely suited to provide you with the dialysis care that you need, delivered by the best-qualified personnel found anywhere. All within an environment that treats both your body and your spirit with an infusion of vigor and vitality.

New Destinations

New Destinations were just added to our Island Dialysis exciting vacationing spots MONTEGO-BAY, JAMAICA and also PUERTO RICO. For more information please contact us.

This is your passport to the world of Island Dialysis. Choose your destination, and prepare yourself for the tropical vacation you've always wished for.

Island Dialysis

Island Dialysis currently has one Dialysis facility in Jamaica and one each in Barbados, St. Lucia, and Puerto Rico. For detailed maps of the countries in which we are located, click on the map links below:

·         Barbados Maps

·         St. Lucia Maps

·         Puerto Rico Maps

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